Expo City To Host Future Festival 2024


Dubai residents, gear up to explore the future at the upcoming Future Festival in Dubai's Expo City! Trend Hunter, in collaboration with DXB Live, brings this event on 5 and 6 June, packed with innovative sessions and workshops. As a leading trend platform and innovation accelerator, Trend Hunter promises an immersive experience, offering attendees a glimpse into the latest futuristic trends and technologies. 

The summit gathers industry experts and tech enthusiasts worldwide to explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging trends. Aligned with the UAE's National Strategy Artificial Intelligence 2031, which aims to establish the country as a global Artificial Intelligence leader, the event emphasises the significance of investing in key sectors and individuals to foster innovation. Through interactive sessions and workshops, participants will delve into crucial Artificial Intelligence topics and their implications across industries like food and beverage, mobility, hospitality, and medicine.

The event boasts an esteemed roster of keynote speakers who have left a notable mark in their fields, including Dr. Jassim Al Awadi, du's Digital Transformation Principal; Dr. Haythem Riahi, Co-Founder and CEO of Circe Biotics; Mariam Hashem, Head of Solutions and Partnerships at GE Healthcare; and Aram Petrosyan, Founder and CEO of Goodini Real Estate.

Key Sessions For Visitors

  • Keynote addresses by Jeremy Gutsche include 'The Accelerated Pace of Change,' 'Artificial Intelligence and the Inflection Point,' and 'Keys to Creating the Future,' offering actionable strategies for innovation, navigating change, and overcoming obstacles in the Artificial Intelligence era.
  • Attendees will gain insights into fostering high-performance cultures, optimising performance in uncertainty, and achieving sustainable growth.
  • 'Megatrends' session breaks down fast-moving global trends, while the 'Innovation and Trend Hunting Panel' explores success, innovation, and Artificial Intelligence's evolving influence.
  • Additional sessions cover healthcare technology, innovation tactics, food and beverage leisure, and Artificial Intelligence's impact on the consumer packaged goods and culinary industries.
  • 'Future Tech and the Next Frontier' led by Sean Scharf delves into Artificial Intelligence's transformative influence on creativity, efficiency, and consumer interaction.
  • The 'Reflection and Reprioritisation' session distils key learnings and insights from the event.

Timings And Tickets

The event is scheduled for 5 and 6 June, running from 8am to 4pm at the Dubai Exhibition Centre in Expo City. Tickets are available starting from Dhs 1,050. For further details regarding the Future Festival schedule and timeline, visit the Future Festival Dubai website.

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