Empowering Students for a Sustainable Future: The Fairgreen Way


In an era marked by environmental challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion, sustainability is crucial. Understanding sustainability, fostering resilience and creating a balance between humans and the natural world should begin right from the schooling days. 

With other subjects like maths, English and history, sustainability should be a part of the curriculum since sustainability isn't just an option; it's vital for a thriving and equitable future. And Fairgreen International School, located within the Sustainable City Of Dubai, is doing just that by teaching the importance of sustainability to its kids. Fairgreen International School aims to promote a deeper connection between students and the natural world and has launched several programmes over the years to promote sustainability. 

One of their programmes is the "Fairgreen Fresh" programme. This initiative allows students to partake in growing vegetables and greens in the school's vertical and rooftop gardens. The main aim behind this initiative is to make the kids understand where their food comes from and the importance of sustainable agriculture. 

Speaking about this initiative and sharing her experience, Rachel, a grade 7 student, says, "Working in the gardens has changed the way I think about food. I used to take it for granted, but now I appreciate the effort it takes to grow it sustainably. It's a small step, but I feel I'm contributing to a better future."

Well, this is only one of the many initiatives Fairgreen undertakes to foster the importance of a sustainable future. Fairgreen is also a part of Dr Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots programme, a global youth-led initiative that empowers young people to make positive changes in their communities and for the environment.

To give students a practical experience, the school also organises trips to the biodomes in the Sustainable City. These outings enable students to observe and explore various ecosystems. These hands-on experiences enhance what they learn in the classroom and nurture a sense of gratitude for the environment.

Alexander, a Grade 5 student, expresses his excitement about these trips and says, "The biodome trips are like stepping into a different world. It's incredible to see how ecosystems work and how everything is connected. It's made me want to protect our planet even more."

Sustainability is not a standalone subject at the school; it is interwoven into every facet of the school's educational experience. As a fully accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum school, interdisciplinary learning is a part of the guiding principles. And Fairgreen is an ideal learning community that cares a lot about the environment. 

They believe education can make a big difference in making the world more sustainable. Recently, they received a special award called the Green Flag, which shows how dedicated they are to teaching about the environment, using eco-friendly practices, and reducing their impact on the planet.

At Fairgreen, students don't just study climate change; they actively engage in projects, debates, and open discussions to delve into various aspects of climate-related issues. Fairgreen instils in students the belief that they possess the power to make a difference, no matter their age, by teaching them how to influence positive change.

From waste reduction and energy conservation to eco-friendly transportation options, Fairgreen leads by example.

Sign up for Fairgreen's Open Day taking place on Friday, 27 October 2023, at 9.30am on their campus in the Sustainable City, Dubai. Get a chance to meet the leadership team, learn more about the IB programmes, tour the state-of-the-art campus and discover why Fairgreen is right for your child. Sign up for the event here

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