Travelling During Eid? Here's How This Priority Pass Can Help You Have A Smooth Journey


Eid al-Fitr is not just a holy celebration but also a highly anticipated time for relaxation and travel among many. Last year, Dubai experienced a significant surge in international arrivals during Eid al-Fitr, with over 100,000 travellers arriving in a single day and more than 200,000 passengers passing through within 24 hours. And if you too are travelling during Eid amid all the rush, here's how you can deal with the airport stress. 

With the Eid holiday fast approaching this April, popular destinations like Oman, Vietnam, Seychelles, and Kenya are gaining traction among UAE residents. However, with airports expected to see a surge in both outbound and inbound traffic, travellers need to prepare early. Research by Collinson, a global travel loyalty operator, revealed that pre-flight issues are a top stress trigger for travellers, impacting their ability to relax even when in holiday mode. Over half (62%) of UAE respondents cited pre-flight concerns as a significant stressor, affecting the entire journey.

Use This Priority Pass To Enjoy Easy Travel During Eid 

To mitigate airport hassles during Eid, accessing airport lounges pre-flight can ensure a smoother travel experience from start to finish. According to Collinson's study, airport lounge access ranks as the second most desirable reward or benefit among consumers, especially in the UAE. More than half (52%) of UAE residents expressed willingness to pay for pre-booked lounge access to guarantee entry during peak travel times.

And if you are travelling soon and want to enjoy a smooth journey with less hassle, Priority Pass by Collinson should be on your list. Collinson's Priority Pass is the world's original and market-leading airport experience program. With access to over 1,500 airport lounges and travel experiences worldwide across 700 airports and 145 countries, it offers travellers unparalleled convenience and luxury.

Priority Pass prioritises customer needs by offering dining options, relaxation rooms, and spa treatments, elevating the airport experience. As travellers prepare for the bustling Eid-al-Fitr travel period, Priority Pass emerges as an essential travel companion, ensuring a stress-free and luxurious journey from start to finish. Head Collinson's website to know more and purchase your Priority Pass. 

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