Car Washman Wins Big With Mahzooz


At the 94th weekly Mahzooz draw, an expat turned into a multi-millionaire overnight.

Bharat, a 31-year-old Nepalese expat and father of two children has been working as a car washman at a private Dubai-based company and won the top prize of Dhs 10 million.

The draws have given away over Dhs 280 million in prize money, making Bharat the first Nepalese multimillionaire and the 28th millionaire through Mahzooz.

Bharat said, "The excitement is overwhelming. As I watched the live draw on Saturday night, I checked my numbers on the screen. It was impossible for me to sleep after that. I am looking forward to paying off my mortgages and other bills as soon as possible. It's important for me to set up the future of my two children aged 5 and 3 years old. This would be an incredible thing to be able to accomplish. This prize will enable me to achieve so much. It will change the lives of so many people!"

Additionally, 41 winners shared the second prize of Dhs 1,000,000 and 1,174 third prize winners received Dhs 350 each. 

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