Art Installation Celebrates Frontline Workers


A unique life-sized art installation, that pays a tribute to frontline workers is now located at Dubai Science Park.

Designed by the Kart Group, the art piece celebrates all the hard work the frontline workers in medicine, security and public health put in to serve the public during the pandemic.

The installation comprises 17 panels that come together to form the silhouette of a doctor, a cleaner, a police officer, a first aider, a nurse and a volunteer.

Commissioned in collaboration with NewBridge Pharmaceuticals and Boston Scientific, the complete art piece can only be seen from one vantage point and looks like an abstract composition from other angles and is hand-swen with Styrofoam and cementitious paint.

Mustafa Khamash, Managing Director of Kart Group said, "The sculpture conveys a message through art, of hope, compassion and selflessness throughout the global pandemic. Creativity unites people and the installation will serve as a permanent reminder of the importance of communities and the enrichment that frontliners have brought to many people's lives throughout COVID-19."

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