Celebrating UAE's 50th Golden Jubilee In Hatta


The 50th UAE National Day celebrations are set for 2 December at Hatta.

With the stunning landscapes of Hatta’s dams, lakes and valleys, the golden jubilee celebrations will highlight the UAE figures in shaping the history of the UAE.

The celebration will also focus on the relationship between the people and the UAE’s agricultural, desert, mountain and marine environment.

The show will merge Emirati music with international music, done by Mohammed Al Ahmed, the music composer part of the UAE 50th National Day team.

Orchestra performances, as well as the tribal vocal art of Al Nadba and Al Ruwah, will be performed along with music from traditional dance performances by Al Ayala, Al Harbiya and more.

The role of poetry will also play a prominent part in the show, due to its relevance in the UAE.

Using state-of-the-art technology, a floating stage will be created, in the middle of the Hatta dam.

Mid-air projections with water screens and a large sculpture will be used to create the floating experience, with the Hajar mountains surrounding the stage.

The firework show will also offer a new visual experience as drones will be used instead of pyro material to lift the fireworks higher and offer guests with a stunning view.

The show is open to all and will run from 4 to 12 December with tickets available on the UAE National Day website.

The public can also enjoy watching the celebration at 5.30pm through the UAE National Day website and can also be watched on all local television channels.

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