Things That Took Place In 1971

1971 was a year of many changes and accomplishments around the world. 50 years ago, the various emirates of the UAE came together to form a country. Looking back at the years since its formation, the UAE has gone on to accomplish many feats, surpassing multiple countries and has since established itself as a multicultural hub and tourist hotspot. Here is a look back at a few things that took place around the world in 1971.

Disneyworld Opened

Known for being the happiest place in the world, the Disneyland theme park in Florida first opened its doors to the public in 1971 in the month of October. When launched, the area consisted of Magic Kingdom Park, the Contemporary, Polynesian and Fort Wilderness resorts. Now in 2021, Disneyland has expanded with several branches all around the world in Shanghai, Paris, California, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more.

Mariner 9 Launched

As part of the NASA Mariner program on 30 May 1971, the Mariner 9 was launched. The robotic spacecraft was launched to explore and gain a better understanding of the Red Planet. The Mariner 9 is the first spacecraft to orbit another planet beating the Soviet Mars 2 spacecraft and helped in mapping out about 85% of the Martian surface. The most significant finds were the solar system's largest volcano, a canyon that dwarfs the Grand Canyon and the discovery of the Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos.

End To Free Milk

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in an effort to cut government spending, stopped the service of providing free milk to students over the age of seven in schools. After the decision was made, Margaret Thatcher was then given the nickname, known even today as ‘Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk Snatcher’.

First Space Station

On 19 April 1971, the Soviet Union launched the first space station called Salyut 1 into low Earth orbit. Due to issues, the crew had to abandon the mission but in June the Soyuz 11 became the first crew to board the space station and spend a record of 23 days in it. The members of the crew were Georgi Dobrovolski, Vladislav Volkov and Viktor Patsayev. However, while planning to re-enter, the capsule depressurised and all the members on board perished.

First Starbucks Store Opens

The globally renowned coffee chain, Starbucks, opened its first store at Pike Place Market in Seattle in 1971. In 2020, the coffee chain comprised of over 32,660 branches spread across the world. With around 191 stores in the UAE, Starbucks has now become one of the best places to grab a quick and delicious cup of coffee.

American Pie by Don McLean Released

In the month of October 1971, American singer and songwriter, Don McLean released the hit song, American Pie. The song after its release was at number 1 and stayed at the top of the charts in the US for four weeks. It was also at the top of the Australia, Canada and New Zealand charts.

Apollo 14

On 31 January 1971, NASA’s Apollo 14 mission to the moon was launched. The mission was the third successful mission to the moon. The members of the crew were Commander Alan Shepard, Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa and Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell. Commander Alan Shepard was the fifth person to walk on the moon and the first to try golfing. 90 pounds of lunar rocks were brought back for examination and the mission ended on 9 February 1971, after nine days.

Arsenal Win Their First League And Cup Double

Arsenal Football Club, who currently play their home matches at the Emirates Stadium in London, won the the English Football League First Division title for the 1970 - 1971 season and also won the FA Cup beating Liverpool Football Club at Wembley Stadium, and completing their first Football League and FA Cup double.

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