Virtual Event To Support People Dealing With Baby Loss


Baby Loss Awareness Week starts on 9 October, and is held every year around the world to bring awareness to the struggles and effects losing a baby has on a person's life as well as the lack of conversation surrounding it.

'Love Through Loss' is a virtual event held to bring together pregnancy, baby loss survivors and individuals struggling to become parents under one roof to create community and raise awareness in the Middle East.

The event will be held on 12 October and is run in partnership with the Loss Organisation, IVF Support UAE, Small and Mighty Babies, TFMR Mamas and TishTash.

The programme will offer a safe space for people to come forward and discuss their struggles, with each session hosted by a specialist within a specific area of baby loss as well as a person with first-hand experience.

Topics on loss in multiple pregnancies, NICU and infant loss, Dad's grief and pregnancy after loss will be held as well as guidance sessions for individuals that have to deal with baby loss and interactive sessions like womb healing and mindfulness in grief.

Cassie Destino, Founder of IVF Support UAE and licensed Fertility Doula said, "I am so honoured to be able to act in support of women and families who struggle to have a baby. Having been through this experience myself, I know how painful and frightening it can be not to know if you will ever be able to achieve your dream of creating your family in the way to hope to. The grief of infertility is profound and often overlooked. Events like this that can shine a light on such a lonely experience and can do wonders in letting people know that they are not alone."

To register for the event, visit the Love Through Loss website.

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