Abu Dhabi Opens 21 New Parks Ahead Of Eid Al Fitr

Abu Dhabi Media Office

If you're in the mood for park picnics in Abu Dhabi, you now have 21 new options to choose from. The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has opened 21 parks in Khalifa City. These parks are aimed at improving livability and encouraging healthier lifestyles among community members. Opening just before Eid Al Fitr, these parks mark a significant milestone in DMT's ongoing initiatives to create vibrant and inclusive neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi.

Designed with careful attention to the diverse needs and preferences of residents, these parks offer a variety of recreational experiences. They feature amenities like play areas, seating areas, barbecue spots, sports facilities, and areas for dogs to roam off-leash. Visitors can engage in a wide range of outdoor activities, including multi-use game areas, padel, volleyball, badminton, cricket, and parkour. Sports enthusiasts can also utilise full and semi-basketball courts and a mid-size football pitch. 

Additionally, the two parks include play areas specifically designed for People of Determination, ensuring that everyone in the community can partake in outdoor recreation.

His Excellency Hamad Al Mutawa, Executive Director of the Planning and Infrastructure Sector at DMT, said: "The opening of these 21 parks is integral to DMT's broader initiative aimed at enhancing liveability across the emirate of Abu Dhabi. These parks have been thoughtfully developed to cater to the specific needs of each neighbourhood, offering residents and visitors opportunities to connect with nature, socialise, and engage in various outdoor activities that promote wellbeing."

In fact, in 2024, DMT plans to open 150 new parks and renovate existing ones. This initiative reflects DMT's dedication to its Liveability Strategy, which aims to enhance overall well-being, build complete communities, and boost residents' quality of life. 

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