New Sharjah To Muscat Bus Service Begins

Are you thinking of exploring Oman's stunning wadis and natural beauty without breaking the bank on flights or fuel? Consider taking a bus! Oman's national transport company, Mwasalat, has launched a new bus route between the UAE and Oman. This route connects Sharjah and Muscat, providing an affordable and convenient travel option for visitors wanting to experience Oman's scenic landscapes.

Mwasalat and Sharjah’s Roads and Transport Authority have signed an agreement to offer a new service via Shinas, Oman. The bus service is now operating, so you can plan your trip now! 

Timings And Ticket 

There are a total of four daily trips, two from each city. Fares start at Dhs 95.40 for a one-way trip. The first bus from Sharjah leaves at 6.30am from Al Jubail Bus Station and arrives at Azaiba Bus Station in Muscat at 2.30pm. The second bus departs from Sharjah at 4pm and reaches Muscat at 11.50pm.

From Muscat, the first bus leaves at 6.30am and arrives in Sharjah at 3.40pm. The second bus departs from Muscat at 4pm and reaches Al Jubail Bus Station at 1.10am.

Tickets for this journey can be booked on Mwasalat's website.

Baggage Allowance

For baggage allowance, travellers can carry 23kg of check-in baggage and 7kg of hand luggage on their trip. 

Other Routes To Oman 

Dubai To Oman bus services are yet to be launched; however, in October 2023, the Abu Dhabi to Oman bus service was resumed. The service links Muscat and Abu Dhabi via Al Ain. Oman's national transport company, Mwasalat, had announced this update. In terms of pricing, a one-way ticket costs Dhs 109.70. Passengers can carry up to 23kg of check-in luggage and hand baggage of up to 7kg. 

Buses depart from Muscat's Azaiba bus station at 6.30am and arrive at Abu Dhabi bus station at 3.40pm, with multiple stops and breaks on the route. Buses will depart from Abu Dhabi at 10.45am and arrive at the Azaiba bus station at 8.35pm. Tickets for this journey can be booked on Mwasalat's website. 

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