Tips To Get Ready For The New Academic Year

School holidays are always the highlight for a child as they can run around and enjoy the summer months with loads of excitement and happiness.

As the break for the academic year is now coming to an end, families, as well as schools, prepare for students to go back to the classroom.

Changes in sleep patterns due to staying up and waking up late, as well as not having a set routine, can be stressful for parents and children alike.

Additionally, some students have also moved countries and the adjustment procedures can be extremely difficult while settling into a new school, as it is an unfamiliar environment.

To help make the transition a little easier, Connector, in conversation with different schools, has come up with some ways schools and parents can help prepare a child for the new academic year.

Mick Gernon, Managing Director in the Middle East at International Schools Partnership, which runs The Aquila School and Nibras International School in Dubai and Aspen Heights British School and Reach British School in Abu Dhabi, said that, "Students learn the best when they are fully engaged in learning. The excitement that you see and feel in the first week of a new school year should remain throughout the term."

A few weeks before school starts, parents can help their children begin to form a routine for the going back process to be easier.

Mick Gernon, of International Schools Partnership added that, "Encouraging reading each day, simple number quizzes, asking questions about what your children are looking forward to most about the new year, adjusting sleep patterns to align with school and bus times, and ensuring healthy eating and exercise, are all good places to start."

Gradually putting in place the regular routines that normally take place during the school year and forming new patterns to make the school routine simple will help once the academic year begins.

Additionally, new children starting a new grade or who have moved countries, are met with excitement and nerves during the first few weeks, as they are introduced to new teachers and make or meet friends.

Parents can help make the new academic year easier for children by spending time with them daily, and discussing their day to ensure the child is getting settled in well.

Some schools provide students with mentors to assist in getting back to school life.

Kephren Sherry, Head of Primary at Citizens School Dubai said, "Mentors adopt strategies to ensure every child adjusts to their environment. This includes knowing the background of each child and being aware of their likes, dislikes, interests, strengths, and preferences. Having this prior knowledge lays a firm foundation, ensuring mentors know how to build the relationships between themselves and the students, but also between the students themselves."

Additionally, the buddy system where a child is assigned with a new child can help them get situated in the classroom, will help them not feel lonely, and will get them excited to go to school daily.

Many schools also offer induction programmes, where fun activities are held for children, new and returning, to get them readjusted to regular school timings, protocols needed to follow and get them excited to learn in the new academic year.

Parents, before the school year starts, should get in touch with the school to ensure there is an induction day, or if a mentor or a buddy can be assigned to their child to help make the new school year less complicated for them.

Children must know they are respected and safe and understand that a school is a great place for them to be.

Kephren Sherry, Head of Primary at Citizens School Dubai mentioned that, "Some children may need support to keep focused. It is beneficial to discuss and explore what children have done and where they have been during a break and link their experiences to learning. Contextualising learning is a good motivator and ensures children’s contributions, ideas and interests are valued. Learning should always be fun and engaging, no matter what time of year it is, and following a break, mentors design their lessons to meet this particular requirement."

As going to school is an extremely daunting experience for some children, it is important to make it less stressful and fun.

Schools provide students with many resources to help them throughout the year. When needing to talk to someone, the school counsellor and the nurse and safeguarding team are available to assist them on their journey.

Going back to school is difficult for parents and teachers, and especially children.

By slowly easing students into a routine with activities and creating a welcoming environment for new and returning students, the academic year will go by well and with ease.


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