How To Find The Right Extracurricular Activity For Your Child?

Extracurricular activities (ECA's) are fun activities that are not part of the academic curriculum, that students partake in based on their interests and are a way of building character, learning new skills as well as finding new talents.

The activities taken up by students range from science, art, calligraphy, book clubs, chess, music lessons, swimming, rugby, horse riding, taekwondo, sailing, street jazz, ballet and more.

Here are some requirements parents should look for when enrolling their child and the activities that are becoming more popular among children.

When picking an extracurricular activity, it is key that the student is interested in the activity and will also enjoy it.

Having a conversation with your child when picking the activity and also considering their strengths and weaknesses is necessary as in extracurricular activities, children are able to overcome their weaknesses and lean into their strengths.

It is important when looking for a facility for extracurriculars to ensure the facility offers the best scope to learn as well as is priced based on the teaching capabilities.

Children also need to check whether they will be able to fit their extracurricular activities into their schedule as well as see if they will learn more when participating in them.

When planning on enrolling a child for an activity, it is important to check whether the activity is taught by qualified professionals as well as if they have all the licenses and permissions to teach the class.

Additionally, students should be exposed to a new activity that they have not experienced before, as it will help them learn how to thrive in a new environment as well as gain first-hand knowledge of something new.

Parents should also consider how the activity will contribute to the child’s overall growth and encourage their child to constantly broaden their horizons.

As there are a multitude of different extracurricular activities to choose from, students should not be afraid to try out any activity of their choice. 

When exploring an activity, students can find their passion as well as an activity that they excel in and if not, they can try and find another extracurricular activity that is better suited to their liking and interests.

As life is now more inclined with technology, there has been a surge in extracurricular activities like coding as well as digital animation.

However, it is key to ensure that there is a balance and that students are able to grow and learn more about the digital world as well as learn new skills required for day-to-day life.

There has also been an increase in students opting for more physical activities, including sports and athletics, as children were online schooling during the pandemic and could not leave their houses for recreation.

As there is a range of activities students can choose from, it is important to make sure that the extracurricular activity contributes towards the student's well being, their development as well as is enjoyable and interesting for them.


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