Healthy Eating Tips To Avoid Kids Wasting Food


Parents and children around the UAE are now prepping and getting ready for the back to school season after an amazing long break, of running around and having fun.

From buying school books, stationary, uniforms and shoes, often, the thing usually not focused on are the packed lunches and snacks that children carry with them to school.

The academic year always starts off healthy but as the weeks go by and schedules get filled, healthy eating goes out the window and in comes the frozen and packaged snacks to help save time in the mornings. 

Although dino nuggets are a fan favourite of kids and super quick and easy to make, they are not the most healthy choice.

Eating healthy does not always mean intricate lunches that require loads of planning.

If you need some inspiration on great healthy lunches without having your child bring the food back, then here are some ways to make lunchtime prep all the more easier.

Plan over the weekend: With work, chores and taking care of children during the week, we all love quick and easy plans that help in making our workload less. Trying to figure out what to make in the morning while also having to get the kids ready, can cause more frustration and stress as you spend loads of time trying to find meals that will get eaten. Instead, over the weekend, whenever you get a minute or two, creating a lunch plan for the week will help in effective shopping as well as save time while quickly whipping up the planned meal in the morning.

Make food interesting: Getting kids involved in the planning and making of their lunch helps keep them intrigued. Talking to them about what they would like to eat and tailoring meals around it will help reduce wastage and in turn encourage them to eat their lunch. Also educating children on the benefits about balanced diets will help them understand the health benefits of opting for healthy alternatives over unhealthy ones.

Meal prep: If it gets overwhelming having to get up early to pack lunch and snacks, meal prepping over the weekend is the best alternative to save time. Packing meals in separate lunch boxes for the whole week, helps in getting the kids ready for school with ease as their lunch is already packed and also helps in getting a few extra minutes of shut eye before sending them off to school.

Balanced Diet: Children always gravitate to unhealthy food as they are intrigued by its flavours. By opting for healthier alternatives of your child's favourite dishes, can help make healthy eating a positive experience for children. If your child loves cookies, making oatmeal cookies is a healthier take on the tasty snack as well as air frying chicken pieces rather than deep frying nuggets and burgers. Also, prepping fruits and vegetables like carrots and grapes along with delicious dips and flavoured yoghurt and placing them in little containers at eye level encourages children to reach for healthy alternatives when hungry after getting back from school.

A balanced meal is always key for children and as they are young, they should be able to eat junk food, but always in moderation. 

Incorporating healthy eating through snacks and getting children involved helps them understand concepts of healthy eating that will also make it easier for them to continue the habits throughout their lives.


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