Yalla! Happy International Hummus Day

You don’t live in Dubai or in the Middle East or even on this planet, if you have not come across hummus.

The universal love for this dish is celebrated every year on 13 May, and this year marks the 8th official International Hummus Day, where millions of people around the world enjoy and celebrate their love for this very special dish.

How to celebrate International Hummus Day

  1. Make sure you eat hummus
  2. Put a post on Instagram using the hashtag #hummusday

 Some fun facts about Hummus..

A Canadian couple ate only hummus for 8 weeks as a part of an experiment. 


Brits love hummus. You will hardly find a fridge without a pot of some sort of chickpeas. Britain is the hummus capital of Europe.

Hummus is one of the most profitable businesses of our times. Don’t trust us?  According to numbers cited by the USA Dry Pea And Lentil Council, the hummus industry has grown from a mere $5 million in 2002 to $725 million in 2016


You know how to speak Arabic? Hummus means Chickpeas in Arabic! See?



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