EAD To Monitor Vehicle Emissions In Real Time

Abu Dhabi Media Office

The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi (EAD) will measure vehicle emissions on roads in Abu Dhabi.

EAD will use the NASA remote-sensing system and emissions detection and reporting, to detect and quantify on-road emissions measurements using its laser-based overhead detectors in real time.

The testing period for the new technology will last for three weeks at six different locations in Abu Dhabi.

The technology used will be able to identify the amount of gas emitted from the tailpipe of the moving vehicle in real time and will also note down the licence plate of the car to identify brand, model, fuel type, emission standard and vehicle weight.

Personal data will not be used during the study.

The remote-sensing systems will measure nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter.

The initiative is a part of the Integrated Air Quality Management Programme by EAD and will help in developing ideas to mitigate the issues.

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