Expo City Dubai Unveils New Attractions


Expo City has unveiled three new amazing Stories of Nations exhibitions.

The exhibitions highlight over 200 of the national and international organisations that helped in making Expo 2020 Dubai a great one.

The three exhibitions are located at the Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability Districts.

Explore the various themes from each country, artefacts highlighting the culture, and more.

The theme for the exhibition at the Opportunity District is 'Our Moment in Time' and highlights the potential people can have when coming together.

The Mobility District exhibition 'Our Endless Imagination', focuses on humankind’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

The third exhibition at the Sustainability District, 'Our Wonderful World' takes visitors on a journey to explore the world of humans and nature.

Passes to Expo City Dubai are priced at Dhs 120 for one day with Stories of Nations included or get a pass to the exhibitions for Dhs 50.

For more information, visit the Expo City Dubai website.

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