Indian Expat In Kuwait Wins The Big Dhs 20 Million Mahzooz Prize


Dalip, the Indian mechanical engineer, won the massive Mahzooz prize for Dhs 20 million.

Living in Kuwait, Dalip is the 30th Mahzooz multi-millionaire, having matched all five of the winning numbers.

The father of three participates in Mahzooz regularly and only ever dreamed of winning Dhs 100,000.

Hoping to travel the world, Dalip believes that his life has been changed for the better and aims to settle down in the UAE.

However, Dalip's first big spend with the prize money is to buy the latest iPhone.

Dalip said, "I had goosebumps when I received the email from Mahzooz on that memorable night. While getting ready for bed, I received an email from Mahzooz, but I assumed that I had won either the third prize of AED 350 or the AED 100,000 raffle draw prize. With the aid of this money, my family and I will be able to pursue all of our aspirations."

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