A Fitness Initiative For Children

Childhood habits have a significant impact on our life-long actions. While we struggle hard to mend our bad habits, good habits developed at a tender change effortlessly help us out in adult life.

Two of many habits that most of us generally struggle with are eating and fitness habits.

Ladybird Nursery has introduced a special ‘Kidz Fit’ initiative to promote lifelong wellness.  Under this initiative, the aim is to familiarise children with good habits that will last a lifetime.

To complement the Kidz Fit activities at Ladybird Nursery, the nursery offers football, ballet, yoga and Teddy Tennis. Children are also given age-appropriate lessons about good health. The program teaches children about healthy foods through food tasting, the importance of getting enough sleep and dental health.

Monica Valrani, CEO of Ladybird Nursery, explains, “An early introduction to healthy habits, such as regular exercise and eating nourishing foods, helps children to understand and therefore enjoy, the benefits of a healthier lifestyle that continues in to their adulthoods.”

The nursery has involved parents to implement the programme successfully. Giving one example, Monica Valrani says, “We ask parents to only share fruit and vegetable platters at birthday celebrations, so that the children do not necessarily associate a celebration with sugary foods.”

Additionally, at the time of registration, parents are given a handbook with various guidelines on suitable snack and lunch options and they are kept informed about our ongoing health and fitness.

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