Over 1,000 Students Prepare To Compete In Yas in Schools National Finals


ADNOC Yas in Schools is set to welcome students from across the country for the prestigious UAE Yas in Schools National Finals. With over 1,000 students expected to participate over five days, the 14th edition of the Yas in Schools National Finals, presented by ADNOC, is gearing up to be the largest ever. Yas Marina Circuit is preparing for intense competitions as students showcase their months of hard work across four categories: F1 in Schools, Formula Ethara, Ethara Go, and 4x4 in Schools.

Focused on a 360-degree approach to learning, students are given the opportunity to build racing teams from the ground up, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of brand development. Acting as product engineers to marketing executives, over 300 teams from the UAE will head to Abu Dhabi to showcase their academic ingenuity and creativity. Their tasks include developing their team's brand, securing funding and sponsorships, and creating their own model Formula 1 car. Their goal is not only to create the fastest car but also to establish a sustainable brand that mirrors the efforts of professional F1 teams.

After a rigorous qualifying session, a record number of students were selected to participate in the 2024 Yas in Schools National Finals presented by ADNOC. Kicking off on 20 June, students competing in the F1 in Schools National Finals will vie for a spot at the F1 in Schools World Finals.

Launched earlier this year, the newest ADNOC Yas in Schools program, Ethara Go, is designed for students aged 13 and below as an entry-level version of the STEM-based Formula Ethara. This program encourages young students to fuel their curiosity outside the classroom by building and designing their mini cars and teams with tools available at home. Participants will have the chance to compete in the finals on 22 and 23 June

Adding to a week of celebrating excellence, students have been challenged for the first time to create AI show cars, which will be showcased during the National Finals.

Paul Bray, Yas in Schools Manager, said: “We have been looking forward to hosting the Yas in Schools National Finals presented by ADNOC for some time now. This year, more than ever, with the launch of our new programme, we are expecting a record number of students and schools participating across the five days.The level of skills and innovation on display at this event is always impressive and highlights the pursuit of excellence defined by the ADNOC Yas in Schools programme.”

What Is Yas in Schools

ADNOC Yas in Schools was created to inspire innovation and creativity in STEM fields. Since its inception, it has facilitated over 1 million hours of student learning. The program provides a platform for students to develop skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while building their motorsport brands. And you can catch all five days of the action-packed ADNOC Yas in Schools National Finals live here

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