UAE Fuel Prices For March Announced

The fuel prices for March 2024 have been revealed and have increased overall compared to February 2024.

Announced by the UAE fuel price committee, here is how much a litre of petrol and diesel will cost for February.  

  • Super 98 is set at Dhs 3.03 per litre, an increase from Dhs 2.88 last month.
  • Special 95 comes to Dhs 2.92 per litre, compared to Dhs 2.76 in February.
  • E-Plus 91 sees an increase to Dhs 2.85 per litre from Dhs 2.69 per litre last month. 
  • Diesel will cost Dhs 3.16 a litre compared to Dhs 2.99 last month.
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