It's World Emoji Day! Here's Some 'Wow' Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

It’s World Emoji Day! In honour of our favourite yellow friends (sorry, minions), we’ve rounded up a few of facts that make us heart-eyed about emojis.

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1. 60 billion emojis are sent on Facebook every day - that’s not including Whatsapp or Instagram!

2. An afro hairstyle, a bagel, and hands making a heart were among the top emoji requests in June 2017

3. The cry-laughing face is by far the most used emoji

4. The word emoji comes from Japanese (?, "picture") + moji (??, “character”.) The fact that it resembles the English word ‘emotion’ is a total coincidence.

5. The first set of emojis were created in 1999, and they looked like this:

6. Emoji' was added as a word to Oxford Dictionaries in 2013 - the fact that ‘OMG’ was too is nothing to LOL about

7. People are actually getting emoji tattoos

8. This emoji doesn’t actually mean what you think it means. Although we generally use it to express an ‘oops’ moment, this little guy is actually shielding his eyes from evil. You know the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,’ proverb? Yep, that’s him!

9. Although we’ve turned her into a sassy woman, she’s actually an information desk person. Her hand is suggesting that she’s ‘ready to help,’ rather than ‘Queen Bee.’

10. This is technically a shooting star, but that’s not strictly what it means. Think back to your Tom & Jerry days. When either of the toons got their heads knocked, this symbol would appear to show that they were dizzy. That’s what this emoji conveys!

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