UAE Weather: Fog Alert Issued In Some Parts, Weather To Remain Partly Cloudy


Today, UAE residents can expect partly cloudy weather with occasional light to moderate winds. The National Centre of Meteorology has issued a fog alert on its website and social media, warning of reduced visibility in some internal and coastal areas until 10am on Wednesday. 

The alert specifically covers Al Dhafra region and Hameem Road/Arjan in Abu Dhabi. This morning, the lowest recorded temperature was 11.2°C in Damtha (Al Ain) at 06:30 am.

Daytime temperatures may reach up to 30ºC, with highs of 29ºC in Abu Dhabi and 30ºC in Dubai. Nighttime temperatures could drop to as low as 21ºC in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and 12ºC in mountainous regions. Humidity is expected to increase by night and Thursday morning, with a possibility of fog or mist in some internal and coastal areas, ranging from 45 to 90% in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Stay tuned to weather alerts for a comfortable and safe day.

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