Road Development Project In Dubai To Slash Journey Time From 8 Minutes To Just 1 Minute On This Major Street


Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has reported the successful accomplishment of 85% of the Al Meydan Street Improvement Project. This project spans from the Al Khail Street intersection to the Cyclists Club. The recent enhancements will drastically decrease travel time on Al Meydan Street, reducing it from 8 minutes to just 1 minute in the morning and from 7 minutes to less than 1 minute in the evening. Furthermore, a substantial reduction in intersection congestion by an average of 93.3% is expected.

The development work includes expanding the street's capacity from a minimum of two to three lanes, and replacing Al Meydan Roundabout with a T-shaped signalised surface intersection. By converting the surface intersection of the cycling track into a tunnel, the flow on Al Meydan lane has improved, reducing wait times for cyclists. This development benefits cyclists by connecting projects in Al Meydan to Nad Al Sheba and the Cyclists Club via the dedicated cycling track. It has also converted Al Quoz Roundabout into an elongated thoroughfare along the route.

As we've reached the 85% completion mark of the project, there remains a 15% portion to be finalised. The upcoming stage of the Al Meydan Street Improvement Project involves reconfiguring entrances and exits of the Mohammed Bin Rashid City to enhance traffic flow in the area. Furthermore, landscaping initiatives are scheduled for the new Al Meydan intersection. The comprehensive project is anticipated to be completed by the beginning of the second quarter of 2024.

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