Jeroen Beijer: Inspiring Children Through The World Of LEGO

Interactive play has a vital role in the development of children and from the very beginning, LEGO Group, have dedicated their time towards the betterment of children by encouraging more play and becoming the builders of tomorrow.

With over seven years of experience at LEGO Group, Jeroen Beijer has spent his time working at several branches of LEGO before taking up the role of the General Manager and Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, ensuring kids the ability to explore their imaginations and creativity.

Leading the LEGO Group's regional operations since 2018, Jeroen has helped to navigate all the merits and curve balls Dubai has faced and continues to bring the legacy of LEGO to the MENA region.

Started in 1932 in Billund, Denmark, the company began as a small workshop where Ole Kirk Kristiansen, Founder of the LEGO Group, created LEGO bricks out of wood.

With the name derived from the Danish word 'leg godt', meaning play well, LEGO has since to become one of the largest manufacturers of toys and has also been named the toy of the century twice.

After creating a reputation in the Danish market, the group has since expanded worldwide and set up its base in the UAE in 2019.

With establishing its base in Dubai, LEGO Group has since been engaging with the wider Middle East and Africa region with more attention to detail to focus on consumer needs, making the LEGO experience accessible to all at the wide variety of stores in the MENA region.

With sustainability at its forefront, the group is committed to saving our planet. Although the bricks are made from plastic, the LEGO pieces are high-quality and durable, allowing children to use them for many generations to come.

To cut down on carbon emissions, the group has converted their production system to incorporate solar, thermal and kinetic energy as well as reduced their carbon footprint by incorporating sustainable and renewable practices to contribute to the planet.

Additionally, other sustainable and bio-degradable methods are constantly being explored to bring the best and high-quality products to people worldwide. 

Adults and children alike have become avid fans of the themed LEGO pieces, but LEGO Group, at its essence, is dedicated to helping children enjoyably grow in their capabilities.

Although it started based around plastic blocks, LEGO is known to majorly contribute to mental development in a child.

As children are able to come up with concepts and place the bricks in the way they would like as well as replace pieces, it works on their problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, motor skills, collaboration, hand-eye coordination and individual building.

Jeroen Beijer said, "LEGO inspires creativity. It also brings hand-eye coordination or 3D or dimensional thinking as well. And then in building together as a family, you really see also a kind of the teamwork that comes out."

Learning always begins with the family and building intricate models with children as well as assisting them when they have an issue while building helps create a tightened family bond, which will always be cherished.

Jeroen Beijer added, "There are a lot of benefits that come from both individual building, which is very much important for kid's developmental but also as a family, there is a lot of enjoyment that comes out of building together and solving problems together and creating something that gives a lot of pride."

With over 7,000 LEGO products, based on their likes, children of all ages can find a set that resonates with them.

Known for its inclusive play, LEGO is not limited to a certain age group or gender, and goes against all bounds, with one of its core values being to encourage all children and adults to share in the joy of building LEGO.

As children learn more through play, LEGO Education aims to expand even more into the education sector, bringing LEGO to all children to help them develop through fun and experimental play, with some places already incorporating LEGO blocks into their curriculum.

LEGO Group is constantly innovating and working on new products, collaborating closely with experts in the education and child development field to exploring the Metaverse, the company aims to bring the best version of fun play and learning to all children, across all forms.

LEGO has and will continue to reach adults and especially children, to assist in their development and has always provided a space for children and adults to share a common passion and come to create and treasure these memories forever.

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