Emirates Launches New Livery

Emirates has updated their livery for the first time since 1999.

The changes to the livery have been made on the tailfin and the wingtips, with the UAE flag on the tailfin now in 3D effect.

Wingtips have now been designed with the Emirates logo in Arabic calligraphy, with the background painted in red.

"Emirates', written across the main body of the plane in English and Arabic with gold lettering, will be 32.5% larger. 

The Emirates branding on the aircraft's belly will remain, with the website removed from the design.

By the end of 2023, all Emirates flights will have the new branding, and the first flight with the new livery will take off to Munich, Germany, on 17 March. 

Sir Tim Clark, President at Emirates Airline said, "Aircraft livery is the most instantly recognisable brand real estate for any airline. It’s a visual representation of our unique identity, something we wear proudly, and display in all the cities we fly to around the world. We’re refreshing our livery to keep it modern, without losing the key elements of our identity such as the UAE flag on our tailfin and the Arabic calligraphy."

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