RTA Announces Completion Of Expansion Works In Al Mizhar

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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed infrastructure upgrades on Streets A11 and A26 in the Al Mizhar area. The project involved expanding the streets from two to four lanes in both directions over a total distance of 6.8km. This expansion has doubled the road capacity from 1,200 to 2,400 vehicles per hour, significantly reducing congestion during peak times.

These enhancements are part of RTA's 2024 traffic solutions, designed to improve the quality and efficiency of Dubai's road network. The aim is to ensure smoother traffic flow and better serve the needs of residents, schools, and businesses in the rapidly growing area.

What All Does The Al Mizhar Area Upgrade Include 

Hussein Al Banna, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA, said, "These upgrades included the installation of 90 new lighting poles on Streets A11 and A26 to ensure safety and visibility for road users. Additionally, the project has added 551 parking slots to accommodate the needs of local schools and residents." 

Other key upgrades include: 

- RTA added a 5.7km cycling track to promote eco-friendly bike usage. This initiative supports Dubai's goal to become a bicycle-friendly city with integrated infrastructure. The project encourages residents to practice sports and use healthy transport alternatives.

- Improvements were made at the intersection of Street 5 and Algeria Street.

- The traffic light is relocated to the intersection of Algeria Street and Street 11. The average waiting time at this intersection has reduced from 2.1 minutes to 50 seconds.

- Two new roundabouts are introduced on Street 26A to improve turning movements. These enhancements benefit approximately one million road users.

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