Dubai Creek Harbour To Get A Music, Colour And Fire Plaza


Exciting news awaits Dubai as developer Emaar unveils its plans for The Music, Colour, and Fire Plaza at Dubai Square in Dubai Creek Harbour. Located around the upcoming Dubai Creek Tower, the plaza will showcase a captivating blend of fire, vibrant colours, and synchronised music. 

Even when not in use, this unique addition will transform the plaza into a vibrant public space, encouraging visitors to stroll and interact with their surroundings. The design ensures that the area remains practical and accessible even when the music feature is inactive, providing a dynamic and adaptable experience for all.

Emaar is in talks with a top Chinese technology firm renowned for its expertise in crafting iconic music and fire features. This collaboration aims to enhance the plaza with cutting-edge features, merging artistry with technology to offer an unmatched experience.

Announcing this groundbreaking feature, Mohamed Alabbar, founder of Emaar, said, "Dubai Creek Tower is more than a landmark; it’s a hub for community interaction. The Music, Colour, and Fire Plaza, with its advanced technology, embodies our commitment to enhancing Dubai’s landscape through innovative design."

What Is Dubai Creek Tower 

Dubai Creek Tower is part of the expansive Dubai Creek Harbour project, a meticulously planned urban development encompassing 7.4 million square metres of residential space and 500,000 square metres of gardens and open areas. The project includes pedestrian-friendly streets, diverse retail options, commercial spaces, entertainment venues, and premium facilities.

Now, when it comes to The Music, Colour, and Fire Plaza, its opening dates and other details are yet to be out, so stay tuned! 

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