Dubai Customs Screen A Record 46.8 Million Bags In 2023


In 2023, Dubai Customs screened a staggering number of over 46.8 million bags from 206,396 flights, with an average of 128,400 bags checked daily. This was achieved thanks to the Passenger Operations Department, which boasts over 845 inspection officers and is supported by 77 baggage inspection devices. Additionally, Dubai Customs also played a vital role in the record-breaking influx of international visitors in 2023, which totalled 17.15 million.

Dubai Customs accomplished this remarkable achievement through advanced planning and the launch of the 'iDeclare' app. This recently introduced app, compatible with all smart devices, enables arriving passengers to declare their luggage and personal belongings before their actual arrival. As a result, customs processing time through the red channel has been reduced to less than 4 minutes, significantly enhancing efficiency.

In addition to the app, daily meetings and coordination with key partners such as Dubai Airports, Emirates Airlines, and other carriers help Dubai Customs achieve these numbers. 

Ibrahim Al Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations at Dubai Customs, and Khaled Ahmed, Senior Manager of Airport Terminal 1 at the Passenger Operations Department, highlighted the crucial role their department plays in ensuring the satisfaction of travellers arriving at Dubai airports and simplifying their customs processes. They underscored the careful preparations made by the authorities to speed up procedures for travellers, especially during busy times at Dubai International Airport. 

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