Keep Your Kids Entertained Over Spring Break!

School holidays are always eagerly anticipated, and as most schools around the UAE will soon go off on spring break, children will definitely try to make the most of their holidays.

Rather than kids running around creating havoc at home, the best way to keep them busy is by giving them great activities to take part in.

Be it indoors or outdoors, there is something for every child to enjoy.


Keeping children occupied does not have to mean taking them out to different places, and there are a lot of amazing activities to keep them busy at home, instead of spending the whole day in front of the television or on electronic devices.

By prepping the night before and leaving it out for the children to see and use, they can start enjoying the activities from the moment they get up, and then talk to parents about it when done. These activities are sure to be a fun experience for all.

Sensory Play: For toddlers or preschoolers, one of the best ways to stimulate their brain and develop their language and motor skills while also letting them have fun is through sensory play. 

A great way to incorporate sensory play is through sand. Place colourful sand in a tub and give kids bottles, caps, toy shovels, beach toys and more and let them explore the different texture and colours. Clay is another great way to keep them engaged and create things using their imagination.

Art and Crafts: There are so many forms of arts and crafts available from colouring, painting drawing, charcoal art and more, this activity is great for all ages, a fun way to keep a child busy. Art is also known to help people express how they feel and with the right tools is sure to keep children busy for hours.

A great way also to bond with a child is by getting in on all the fun, and joining them as they create their art pieces.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM for short) is a great tool to use to incorporate in activities for kids. The learning method helps provide real life experience to children and allow them to come up with solutions. Some fun activities for kids to enjoy is oil spill, stop motion animation video, play with kinetic sand and more.

DIY Experiments: Children have a curious mind, so why not put it to the test and let them get answers to their questions through experiments. Perfect for older children, these types of activities allow a child to explore their creativity. Types of activities range from making a working volcano, launching a rocket or creating a protective layer to prevent an egg from breaking. It is also a great experience for siblings to bond and come up with ideas together. 

Time Capsule: Who has not tried to capture memories and encapsulate it to open up in a few years time? Children can make the most of the holidays by enjoying fun daily activities. With each daily activity completed, take a picture and write a note, and at the end of the holiday, children can create a time capsule and add all their memories to open be it in a year's times or even ten.

With children home for a short break, it offers the perfect opportunity to hone in on some skills and incorporate learning with fun.


To make spring break all the more memorable for children, taking them out and about to enjoy the amazing activities that Dubai has to offer is a great way of doing it. Dubai is home to so many recreational facilities, there is something to suit every child's liking.

Aventura Parks: Home to the largest zipline park in Dubai, Aventura Parks, is a great place to spend the day. Explore nature and take on a variety of challenges from climbing, tight ropes, wobble bridges and more, with activities for all to enjoy. Prices start at Dhs 50.

Tr88House: Explore a one of a kind experience with Tr88House. The amazing entertainment and dining venue reminds everyone to make the most of time. Enjoy a wide variety of activities including a glow in the dark mini golf experience, bioluminescent laser tag, a play area for younger children to have a blast and a trampoline park. Prices start at Dhs 45.

The Green Planet: This is the place to be for those looking for a space to take children that has nature as its focus. The indoor tropical dome is home to over 3,000 plants and animals and has amazing interactive experiences for kids to enjoy, from snorkelling with piranhas, become a zookeeper for a day, interact with sloths and more. Prices start at Dhs 160.

KidZania: Looking for a one stop destination for entertainment and learning? KidZania is the place to check out. The child friendly entertainment centre has been converted into multiple zones to let children explore all the professions from the real world. From being a doctor, a DJ, working at a supermarket, turning into a radio presenter and more, there is so much for kids to enjoy while stepping into the role for a day. Prices start at Dhs 110.

Expo City Dubai: A great place to visit for amazing family entertainment is Expo City Dubai. The perfect day outing, while visiting enjoy amazing attractions including getting a higher vantage point at Garden in the Sky, running around at the Surreal water feature and exploring all the amazing and educational pavilions.

Museum of Illusions: Test the way the brain works with fascinating illusions at the interactive Museum of Illusions. Explore over 60 exhibits from witnessing holograms, walking through a vortex tunnel, exploring the anti-gravity room, sitting at a table with clones and so many more experiences, that will leave the mind bewildered.

Theme Parks: There is no better place to have great fun than at a theme park. From hopping on thrilling rides, playing interactive games and tucking into delicious snacks, theme parks are the best places for amazing family fun, whether visiting Bollywood Parks, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Legoland Dubai or Motiongate Dubai.

Waterparks: Splash the day away at water parks in Dubai. With the weather in Dubai very pleasant during spring break, there is no better way to make the most of it than jumping into the cool water for a day full of fun. There are lots of water parks in Dubai to enjoy, from Legoland Water Park, Splash N Party, Wild Wadi, Laguna Water Park and Aquaventure Water Park, the largest water park in the world.

As there are endless options of exciting activities to do, be it at home or around Dubai, make this spring break the best one yet.

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