Meet The Teacher: Adel Sahnoun

As a teacher, recognising talent and nurturing students to reach their potential is one of the key roles.

Adel Sahnoun, Leader of Music and Performing Arts at Citizens School in Dubai, is set out to provide his students with all the skills to explore their musical capabilities.

Having recently started his teaching journey in Dubai, Adel has amassed nine years of experience, moulding students to reach their potential.

Also a talented performer, Adel shares his journey as a teacher and his commitment to working with students that are keen on learning and growing their talents.

What inspired you to start teaching?

It was when I first joined Kidenza Orchestra in 2012. I started delivering educational workshops to primary and secondary schools around the UK, based on BBC Ten Pieces (a classical music initiative), and I discovered a new dimension of teaching and making music. 

How did you decide to teach your current subject?

Music has been a constant in my life, hence there is a natural connection to share this passion from an early age through performing and teaching. 

Why do you love teaching?

I am passionate about music making, and having the opportunity to work with tomorrow's leaders to help them find their voice and express themselves is a rewarding journey. 

Do you remember your favourite teacher from school?

Yes, absolutely, and we are still in touch. In fact, my favourite teacher and I went on tour together back in 2018, performing for the same orchestra.

How do you make everyday classes more interesting?

I do not think that is my intention for every class at all. Instead, I aim to connect with my students to establish a stronger relationship from the last session we had, to build on each other's energy to create the best possible environment for learning today.

What is a unique part of the school?

The sense of community and the beautiful design of every corner of this building. There is also a significant amount of freedom and creativity that is continuously portrayed through our learning zones, cafeteria space and every corner of Citizens. 

What would you do if you were not a teacher?

I would definitely be a full-time musician, or perhaps a chef!

Adel Sahnoun

Leader of Music and Performing Arts

Citizens School

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