Preparing for the first day of school

As a parent, finding the right school for your child was the first of many important decisions you needed to make. So, when it comes to that all-important first day of school, it’s perfectly understandable to have concerns and worries - but beware these can be transferable! Being worried is normal because your child starting “big school” can be almost as daunting for you as it is for your child. Try not to let your child see this as it may make them anxious.

Preparation and communication is the key factor to a smooth transition. It is therefore imperative that as parents you have returned all of the documentation that the school’s administrative team has requested. Prior to the first day of school, it is essential that you have updated the school with your up to date contact information, along with returning the school’s Medical Form.

Start to prepare a checklist to ensure you are ready. Have you purchased all of the necessary school uniform? Is it labelled with your child’s full name? Are you aware of the schools drop off and collection procedure? The day before check the schools website and communication portals for any updates. Most importantly, have an early night and make sure the family has a healthy nutritious breakfast in readiness for the day ahead. The morning of, ensure you leave in plenty of time to get to school and you are not rushing from the house at the last minute.

There will only be one first day of ‘Big School’ therefore ensure that everyone is fully prepared to make it enjoyable and memorable day.
Dawn Rennie is Director of Development & Admissions at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park.


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