Turning heads with Head Accessories for Babies

Trend Alert: Turning heads with Head Accessories for Babies

Baby girls look so gosh-darn cute with pretty little headbands and hats. This particular trend has been around for ages but it seems to making a comeback in a big way. Since most babies don’t have much hair early on, accessorising with bows, ribbons, flowers, and more, seems to add that little something extra to a cute outfit. These days, mothers have fun with the trend, and find new and interesting ways to decorate their baby girl’s ensemble, almost like decorating a cake with a cherry on the top. 

Though head accessories are traditionally meant to be used to keep little girls’ hair sensible, neat and tidy, it is practical, and great fun, to take advantage of the opportunity to add some unique style to your baby’s overall look. 

It seems that a baby’s outfit is just not complete without a lovely headband, or a darling little hat with a bow or flower. There is such a great variety available, you can create a collection, and match them to different outfits, for any occasion. Try a bright floral-print headband for a day at the beach, or visiting friends at a barbeque, and opt for an exquisite, sparkly number for a night out, or special occasions.  

While baby boys also look adorable in little hats and beanies, it seems the girls own this trend. Sure, a baby boy looks cute with a sporty looking headband, but the girls get to enjoy a wider range of decorative designs, with pretty embellishments, like butterflies, flowers, lace, bows, and ribbons.

On an amusing note, with some babies, although cute, you can’t always tell if it’s a boy or a girl. How many times have you admired a baby in public, remarking how cute he is, when in actual fact, she is a girl? You cringe when corrected and want the ground to swallow you up! A delightful, girly headband would help to prevent any confusion, and embarrassment.

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