REVIEW: Enjoy Amazing New Experiences With Dolphins At Aquaventure!

Dolphin Bay at Aquaventure Waterpark in Atlantis Dubai has launched three new amazing experiences for people to get a closer look into the lives of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

The no-contact experiences include a dolphin kayak, where visitors can explore the lagoon with dolphins in a single or double kayak, the dolphin paddle, where guests can enjoy a relaxing time on a paddle board while dolphins swim around and is the only activity of its kind in the UAE, and the dolphin sunrise, where in-house guests can witness marine specialists and the dolphins on their morning routine as the sun rises. 

Connector was invited to try out the dolphin kayak experience exclusively and it was definitely one to try out.

The experience started with changing into wetsuits and putting on life vests, making the entire experience great for beginners, with a trained professional assisting throughout the whole process.

We then entered the water, where visitors can opt to either kneel and paddle around the lagoon or stand if they have prior knowledge of paddleboarding.

As the experience is held when the dolphins are on downtime, we got to enjoy watching them swim around us and learn more about their lives in the lagoon.

We also got to watch the dolphins interact with one another and witness them as they come up to the surface to eat.

The experience is a truly one-of-a-kind encounter that showcases dolphins in all their glory and is one that is a must-try for all.

Through the encounters, Dolphin Bay aims to educate visitors and encourage them on a journey to save marine life and the importance of reducing the use of plastic in our daily lives and eating fish that is sustainably sourced.

With the surplus use of plastic which then ends up in the oceans, the breakdown into microplastic is then consumed by fish and marine animals, affecting their health and cutting their lifespan. 

Additionally, sustainable fishing helps in conserving marine life and ensures its longevity. As there are off seasons for fishing, especially during mating season, through sustainable methods, the number of fish in the oceans increases, and the fish consumed is through the surplus.

At Dolphin Bay, as the fish fed to dolphins is sustainably sourced and do not contain microplastics, it increases their life span from 25 years in the wild to double with the help of trained marine biologists.

Visitors can also enjoy meeting dolphins up close and swimming with them, with an educational programme also available for children to join specialists on how to take care of dolphins.

Dolphin Bay is open from 10am till sunset, with prices for the dolphin paddle beginning at Dhs 395. The dolphin kayak experience per person starts at Dhs 495 and is set at Dhs 250 for the dolphin sunrise.

On paying for the experience, also enjoy complimentary access to Aquaventure Waterpark, a 15-minute orientation with a marine mammal specialist, wetsuits and vests, towels and same-day discounts for admission to The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

For more information and bookings, visit the Atlantis website.

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