What International Women's Day Means To Women


International Women's Day is a special day all around the world and is dedicated to celebrating women.

The day highlights all the struggles women have had to overcome over the years in an effort to be included.

Celebrated for the last 110 years and held annualy on 8 March, the day still continues to fight for women's rights and will fight for a world where all people are considered equals.

In celebration of the day, Connector asked women in the UAE what International Women's Day means to them.

Denise Schmitz, Founder of We Love Art said, "To me, International Women's Day provides for a specific moment each year to celebrate the successful achievements of women worldwide. With celebration comes an appreciation of the role women play in contributing to society. With my business, We Love Art, I have had the honour to meet so many inspiring women, both during events, online and in the workplace. Women who follow their dreams, who set up great businesses, who nurture relationships, who revel in their softness and their strength, who pave the paths with their intuition and their intricacies. On a personal level as well, I have had the opportunity to witness women becoming mothers, as well as those women who deeply want to become a mother but can't and those who have grieved the loss of their child. I am in awe of women, their resilience, willpower and the way they can change the world with everything that they are and everything that they are capable of. Women are Magic."

Vishi Ramchandani, a Graphic Designer at Direct Reach Media Communications said, "For me, Women's Day means progress, empowerment and self-awareness. It is a day meant to reminisce history, celebrate the present and prepare ourselves for how we want to shape the future."

Magdalena Bjork, Brand Manager at Ixora said, "International Women's Day is a day and the perfect time to reflect and celebrate the powerful and positive changes women have made in the world! This day shines a light on the many inspirational and motivational stories which ultimately motivates and empowers us to achieve our full potential. It's absolutely humbling being an Icelandic girl based in the UAE for the past 7 years and to see the incredible mix of cultured, educated and inspirational women come together and build legacies in all fields! It always surprises me what we can do when we come together and support each other! Pure Magic!"

Shauravi Malik, Co-Founder of Slurrp Farm said, "To me, Women's Day is an occasion to reflect on how far women have come and what lies ahead. As a leader, the day also serves as a reminder to pause and ensure that I am building a workplace that respects individuality, irrespective of gender."

Saba Kazi, a Home Maker in Dubai said, "For me, it's honouring every woman for their contributions and celebrating our success and growth."

Erika Doyle, Founder of Drink Dry said, "To celebrate International Women's Day to me means to celebrate all those amongst us that contribute to our society, to our communities, to our families. Women and mothers are the core of each society, even more so in such a multicultural country like the UAE. We are the ones bringing and raising the next generation and it is down to us how the world will look in 50 years time - will our children be more tolerant of each other, will there be more gender equality, will the less fortunate be heard and seen? 'Be the change you want to see' is the phrase I use very often and even though we can't change things by ourselves, we can create a ripple effect of things and encourage others to take a stance. I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and during the month of March, I will be celebrating my female peers in every path of my life, I will try to inspire, support and motivate. And I encourage others to do the same, Happy International Women's Day!"

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