A Look Into The Origin Of International Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated all around the globe on 8 March and is a symbol of all the hardships and difficulties women had to face to get to where women are in the world.

With celebrating the 110th International Women's Day, women have come so far from not being able to vote to having to fight for their rights every single day.

Although women are now a part of the decision making in the world, there is still so much more change that is required to attain gender equality.

The origin of International Women's Day can be traced all the way back to 1908 when women held protests against the longer hours, wage difference and lack of voting rights.

In 1910, the Second International Conference of Working Women was held in Copenhagen. Clara Zetkin introduced dedicating a day every year around the world to women, over 17 countries with 100 women agreed to the idea and the following year it was celebrated on a dedicated day.

In 1913, when campaigning for peace against World War I, March 8 was marked as the official day of celebration.

The United Nations in 1975 started celebrating the day and made it official and since then annual women-centric themes have been held.

For 2022, the theme is #BreakTheBias and is aimed at living in a world with no stereotypes and discrimination against anyone.

Although over the recent years, International Women's Day has become commercialised and the true meaning of fighting for equality for all has been lost, it is important to look back into the past and see the struggles women from different countries have put in to make the world a better place for all to live in now.

Despite the celebrations, there are still many women in the world that do not have rights and also serves as a reminder to strive to continue the mission to have fair and equal benefits for all individuals around the world.

To all the women out there, Happy International Women's Day.

Source: International Women's Day website

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