In Conversation with Ebraheem Al Samadi: From 14-Year-Old Founder to Dubai's Business Icon

Dubai Bling, a hit show in the UAE, features the lavish lives of wealthy Dubai residents, but behind the glitz, there's often a tale of growth. Connector caught up with Ebraheem Al Samadi, the charismatic star of the show and owner of Forever Rose, to learn a bit more about his journey to success. 

Despite his flamboyant persona, Ebraheem's path to success wasn't easy. He started working at 13 and moved to Dubai in 2010, where he found his stride as an entrepreneur. He founded the Al Samadi Group and now serves as its CEO.

Now a household name, he shares his journey from humble beginnings to fame and fortune.

Early Life 

Born in Kuwait in 1988, Ebraheem grew up in America as the youngest of five siblings. At just 14, he launched his first business, selling items on eBay from his Florida home. With a drive to support his family, he juggled multiple jobs, including lifeguarding, selling roses, and working as a cashier. Despite challenges, his determination paid off, propelling him to become one of Dubai's wealthiest individuals. 

Commenting on how he started at such a young age, Ebraheem said, "The inspiration behind my venture was to generate additional income to support my family, specifically my mother and sister, who were going through a difficult time due to my sister's recent divorce. At the outset, I did not have plans to expand my business, but as I progressed, one thing led to another, and I realised that I had the potential to grow and improve. Hence, I started building my business from then on." 

He also mentioned that his motivation and ability to work hard daily come from his mother and sister.

"My daily motivation comes from a commitment to my family, particularly my mother and sister, whom I strive to provide for through diligent effort and hard work. The well-being and security of my family serve as a primary driving force, propelling me to consistently contribute my best. Additionally, a strong sense of purpose is derived from the aspiration to make a positive impact within the community, further enriching my dedication and drive to contribute meaningfully to society", said Ebraheem. 

Making Strides In His Entrepreneurial Endeavours

As Ebraheem's entrepreneurial journey unfolded, he acquired Forever Rose in London, leveraging his strategic skills. Recognising the demand in the Arabian market, he relocated the brand to Dubai, catering to a clientele that previously included royalty. 

The success of Forever Rose led to the inception of Forever Rose Café. As part of the Al Samadi Group, Forever Rose isn't just known for selling long-lasting roses; it's also renowned for the Forever Rose Café designed by Ebraheem Al Samadi. With branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Forever Rose has grown to 10 locations across five cities in four countries: the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UK.

Reminiscing this journey and how it began with Forever Rose, Ebraheem says, "During my travels, I came across a beautiful rose in a shop that caught my eye. I posted a picture of it on Instagram and received numerous enquiries from my friends, who expressed their desire to own one as well. However, upon learning about its exorbitant price, I began researching alternatives and discovered the concept of rose preservation. I then proceeded to acquire a company specialising in this field based in London, which I later brought to Dubai and transformed into a renowned brand."

Dealing With Lows And Best Parental Advice 

Not everything that shines is gold, and everyone experiences ups and downs in life. When discussing coping with challenges and sharing parental advice that guides him through his entrepreneurial journey, Ebraheem mentions, "First and foremost, my father has profoundly shaped my approach to various aspects of life. One particularly impactful advise given to me was giving a person seven excuses before assigning blame to others, a practice that not only fosters understanding but also promotes a positive mindset." 

Highlighting how he deals with low points, he added, "By treating each challenge as a discrete entity, I cultivate a mindset that views obstacles as manageable components rather than overwhelming impediments. My coping strategy involves navigating through difficulties on a day-by-day basis, ensuring a focused and incremental approach to problem-solving. I am committed to future planning, setting ambitious goals that serve as guiding benchmarks. This allows me to channel my efforts systematically, always striving to surpass the objectives I set for myself."

Mistakes Ebraheem Made On His Entrepreneurial Journey, That One Should Avoid 

Embarking on a new journey is never easy, and the road is often filled with obstacles and errors. Ebraheem shares a significant mistake he made when starting out, he said, "A notable error I made in my professional experience was the decision to hire friends. It proved to be a less-than-ideal choice, as it introduced challenges from the expectations within personal relationships. Hiring friends, in retrospect, has shown that such arrangements often lead to an assumption of forgiveness in professional contexts, which can complicate the dynamics of accountability. This experience has taught me the importance of maintaining clear boundaries between personal and professional relationships within a professional setting, highlighting the potential pitfalls associated with hiring people with pre-existing personal connections."

Ebraheem And Dubai Bling 

Keeping us entertained from the start of the first season of Dubai Bling, Ebraheem Al Samadi has been a delight to watch, injecting fun into the show with his visual appeal. Sharing why he chose to be on the show, Ebraheem said, "Initially, I was informed that the show centred around accomplished businessmen, a concept that resonated with me and prompted my agreement. I discovered that it was, in fact, Dubai Bling, a realisation that came after the contractual commitment had been made. In light of this revelation, I decided to leverage the platform to raise awareness about my business. My primary objective is to showcase our company as I firmly believe in the commendable work we are undertaking. Creating visibility for our endeavours on a broader scale is of paramount importance to me, and I am eager for the world to acknowledge the positive contributions we are making."

Life At Present

Talking about his life currently, Ebraheem added, "I am content and grateful, Alhamdulillah, for the harmony within my family and the satisfaction derived from my professional pursuits. Currently, my focus is on strategically reshaping and expanding my business, aspiring to elevate it to new heights. This ongoing effort reflects my commitment to continuous improvement and advancement within my entrepreneurial ambitions."

Message For Young Entrepreneurs

We're eagerly waiting for Ebraheem's appearance in season 3 of Dubai Bling and watching him achieve even greater success in the business world. As parting advice to young entrepreneurs, he said, "If I were to give a piece of advice to aspiring young entrepreneurs, I would advocate for cultivating a pure intention. Establishing and maintaining a sincere and fresh motive at the onset of your entrepreneurial journey is important. A clear and honest intention not only provides a positive foundation for your work but also serves as a guiding compass, directing you consistently toward the right path throughout the course of your business pursuits."

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