Tips To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

The first month of the year has come to an end, and as we go into February, it is important stick to the resolutions we set before the New Year began.

As most of us were still coming off the fun and excitement from December, January has gone by like a blur.

That does not mean that it is too late to pick up on the forgotten resolutions and start afresh this month.

One of the most common resolutions taken in January is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Changes can vary for different individuals based on personal goals, for some, it may be cutting out processed food, and for others can be working out.

For people looking to live a healthier lifestyle, little rather than drastic changes can be made on a small scale.

Some ways to ensure you are living your best life and making the most of it are by:

Getting enough hours of sleep: Sleep is one of the most crucial steps in leading a healthy lifestyle. As individuals, getting the required hours of rest to unwind and relax, is the only way to wake up feeling refreshed and energised rather than groggy and exhausted. The recommended hours of sleep are six to eight hours a night, which is also the required amount for our bodies to recover from the busy day and not feel tired. 

Find a workout you love: Working out is extremely important as it keeps us healthy and active and helps avoid health issues. As most of us lead a sedentary life, which involves a lot of sitting at work or at home for longer time periods, we do not get as much activity as recommended. One of the key ways to stay fit and ensure a workout is done is by finding an activity that you love. Be it dancing for an hour to your favourite songs, or trying out a pilates class, to lifting weights at the gym. Once you find a workout that you enjoy, the more you do it, the more enjoyable it gets, and soon will lead to trying more workout classes and wanting to get a daily workout in.

Drink water: Water is an essential aspect to incorporate for a healthier lifestyle and is known to carry all the nutrients and oxygen to our cells. Water also helps prevent the body from getting dehydrated and helps in flushing out the toxins in the body. The recommended number of glasses to drink is between 6 to 8 glasses. However, the right amount to consume daily is based on your body weight, and should be calculated to find out if the right amount of water intake is being consumed.

Cut out processed food: Processed food, although convenient to quickly turn into a meal, is not the healthiest way to nourish our bodies and give it the right nutrients needed. The best way to ensure you are consuming the right nutrients, is by opting for a balanced meal with the right amounts of protein and fibre, while also consuming enough fruits and vegetables.

Home cooked meals: Eating at different intervals can take a toll on your body, and one way that can quickly lead to ensuring you are consuming the right meals on time, is by cooking at home. By meal prepping and planning meals in advance, all you have to do is make sure the food is consumed at the time you set that is best for your body, while also incorporating snacks in between the three main meals to prevent getting hungry and snacking on junk food.

Reduce screen time: As we live in the digital age, our electronic devices, from our phones to the television, are the best way to constantly be distracted and have something to occupy our minds. Be it scrolling through reels on Instagram or watching videos on YouTube, one way to lead a healthier life is to avoid filling all the free time available by using devices, and should instead be substituted with doing activities of your liking, from playing the guitar to colouring to keep your mind active and not stay idle.

Spend more time outdoors: After a busy day, we all have days when we do not want to do anything and instead cuddle up in bed and sleep or binge-watch a television show. However, one way to get healthy is by spending more time outdoors. As most of us spend our days at work and then back home, is can seem like there is little time to be in open spaces. One way to incorporate being outdoors is by going for a walk in the evening, be it alone or with friends or family, and can be a great way to bond with them while also getting some fresh air, keeping you refreshed and energised.

Interact with people more: Social interaction, as humans, is crucial for survival. While interacting with people, our mental health thrives as people can help alleviate stress and make us feel light. Additionally, while meeting up with friends and family, people are able to speak about how they feel and, if they have any issues, can be given advice, leading to better decision-making processes as well as a boost in positive energy when spending time with the right people.

A healthy lifestyle can be difficult to maintain when starting out. However, one of the best ways to start the journey is to find small but attainable changes and stick to it.

Over time, the journey becomes second nature and once the changes are seen, they are very difficult to stop, leading to a restful and productive lifestyle.

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