Combating Burnout In Daily Life


Mental health is an important conversation in today's day and age, especially after the toll taken while struggling with life during the pandemic.

Due to restrictions set and lockdowns, many of us that were not essential workers were stuck at home and turned to the highs and lows of social media to keep us entertained and distracted from the loneliness and isolation felt.

 While in lockdown, many people felt anxious and overwhelmed by the situation and getting used to the different changes made to life.

With restrictions now eased and life going back to a new normal, many people are still trying to figure out a way to navigate the difficult feelings and emotions felt during isolation as well as trying to balance life.

From working from home and staying indoors every day to now going out, socialising and trying to maintain a work-life balance, it can get overwhelming and one can end up feeling burnout.

As we go forward, it is important to prioritise our mental health and make sure we are taking care of ourselves by making changes in our lives that will lead to a positive impact.

Additionally, the best way to feel better is by expressing your feelings and thoughts, be it with an understanding friend or family member or with a therapist, to help better navigate the difficult emotions.

Carolyn Yaffe, Psychotherapist at Medcare said that it is important to participate in activities that make you feel good. Rather than staying in bed, find an activity, be it cycling or working out, that you can allot some time to do daily and will help in the long run.

Exercise and physical activity are linked to helping in alleviating stress and feeling like you accomplished a task daily and will motivate you to keep going.

Starting with small tasks daily is also a great way to add something different to your life to make it more fun.

Caileen Lubbe, Research Psychologist at Plumm mentioned that activities like morning routines and making the bed in the morning, creates structure and provides a sense of normalcy.

Additionally, participating in daily activities like gratitude, by being thankful for the little things in the day or meditating can help in adding a boost of positivity and energy.

A great way to feel good and help others out is by volunteering or joining organisations.

With many people left struggling during the pandemic, being a part of an organisation that helps out is a great change to make to your life, as mentioned by Hazel Kurian, Associate Director of Clinical Operations and Diversity at ICAS MENA.

As the pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, it is also important to be mindful of other people's struggles and while also taking care of our mental health be receptive to the people around us, especially our family and friends and check in with them and spend time to combat the burnout.

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