Working Out Tips From Baqar Nasser


For many people, getting into fitness and choosing a healthier lifestyle seems like a difficult feat to accomplish.

With the overload of information around us and the multitude of ways to work out, it can easily get overwhelming. 

To help make the fitness journey easier, Connector talked to Baqar Nasser, an 11 time champion in track and road cycling, and a fitness and health coach known for starting spinning classes in India.

From working through the pandemic and creating tailored programs for effective results, Baqar shares his insight into how beginners can start creating a healthy workout life for themselves.

One of the best examples of turning passion into a career, he has since created a following in India for group cycling and personal training and is now bringing the same to Dubai.

Baqar focuses on the food, cardio and strength trifecta, which has since gone on to help many of his clients including some big names in Bollywood as well as people struggling with certain health issues.

With his 'get up, get fit' approach, when starting to work out, he stresses the importance of beginning with at least 30 minutes of brisk walking.

Baqar Nasser said, "Another great way to begin is by finding a favourite sport that makes you happy, maybe one that you have been playing since childhood, be it football or basketball and incorporating it into your daily life."

Additionally, beginners starting out should be mindful not to overwork themselves and to ease into working out as elevating the heart rate too fast after not working for a while can lead to implications like nerve damage, brain issues and more.

Due to the pandemic and having to close in-person classes, Baqar while training his clients online used water bottles as dumbbells and pillows in place of a stepper and notes that making the best use of what is readily available as well as being dedicated will help keep you motivated to continue.

Along with working out, it is key to also maintain a wholesome and balanced diet with sufficient protein, carbohydrates, fibre, essential fatty acids and water.

Baqar Nasser also mentioned, "A common misconception is ignoring essential oils which can lead to joint pain as well as not consuming enough water based on body weight."

Starting a fitness journey is personal to each person and it is important to remember that after implementing a diet or workout into daily life, the results are not immediate and will take time to reflect and to stay motivated even when it seems difficult.

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