Avoid Overindulging During The Festive Season

The festive season is finally here and this year is sure to be another great year with exciting celebrations over the next few weeks with friends and family. However, with all the festive fun also comes the lack of importance given to fitness and putting that on the back burner.

With the new year usually set as the target to make a complete change to your fitness regimen, here are some ways to implement fitness and eat healthy throughout this month, while also thoroughly enjoying all the festive activity and fun.

Synthia Jacob, Fitness Coach and Sports Nutritionist, shared that with portion control, choosing a smaller portion of a dish will help satisfy the craving but will also help in not overeating.

By opting for healthier alternatives to the meal you are craving, helps take away the guilt and also does not leave you feeling stuffed.

Additionally, choosing sorbet ice cream or fruit over dessert is a good option as it is low in calories, and if you decide to eat dessert, splitting the dessert with others rather than eating a whole dessert is a good option.

Starting the day off with a filling breakfast that consists of wholegrain meals, low protein and fruit is essential as it will keep you full.

Caroline Kolanjian, Kcal Nutritionist, said that it is also important to eat slowly and stop eating when you are not hungry as well as drink enough water and avoid high calorie or sugar-based drinks.

Moreover, it is key to make sure that you never skip a meal as it will lead to overeating.

Lina Shibib, Clinical Nutritionist at Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres, said that despite the excitement and fun during the festive period, it is also important to stay on track with fitness and to get at least a 20-minute workout done daily.

As during the festive season, sleeping patterns tend to change with staying up late and sleeping in, it is best to workout either between 10am and 11am or from 5pm to 6pm, be it for a walk, a run or yoga.

It is also key to listen to your body by finding a balance and either not push yourself too hard or completely forgo working out. 

As mentioned by Jamie Richards, Clinical Psychoneuroimmunologist and Valeo Chief Wellbeing Officer, the festive season is all about celebrating with family and friends.

Rather than feeling guilty about the food consumed and creating a short and restrictive plan that will eventually lead to overindulging and not enjoying the holidays, try to go easy on yourself and focus on a long term plan that will lead to amazing memories to remember for the years to come.

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