Planning On Starting To Workout?

In today's technology driven working environment and lifestyle, with the demand for sitting behind a computer increasing, in order to stay healthy, working out is a life essential that is important to follow.

The benefits of exercise are well documented and being active can help keep us fit, help in alleviating stress, increase strength, reduce certain health ailments, increase energy levels as well as change moods for the better.

Despite all the benefits, working out usually gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list and is sometimes completely forgotten about, but done properly and following some basic tips from the start, working out can soon become a habit and not a chore. 

Payam Honari, Owner and Founder of Ringside, a gym on Sheikh Zayed Road, specialising in mixed martial arts, personal training and kickboxing said that the duration of the workout is very important while starting out on your fitness journey.

Individuals starting out should work out for a minimum duration of 30 minutes a day.

When working out, a moderate to high-intensity pace should be followed for the workout to be effective.

Exercise is about finding a balance as well as listening to what your body requires as over-exercising can cause muscles aches and can also lead to injuries.

Rest days are also important to factor in as it gives the body a break and helps muscles recover to avoid injuries.

Finding the right workout regimen that you enjoy is based from person to person as there is a multitude of exercise options available from dancing, martial arts, weightlifting, swimming and more.

By adding and changing the workout or targeting a certain area for more definition will help in motivating to work out as well as in staying fit.

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