The Exercise Programme For Those Short On Time

A lot of us lead busy lives, what with working, managing the home, bringing up children and also trying to have fun and enjoy time with friends and family. There are invariably some things that get missed out or pushed to one side and which when we get round to trying to do something about them, we often feel it is too late and pointless, and as result aren’t motivated to do it.


One of these things is our general level of fitness,


All too quickly, and before we realise it, we can add on a few extra pounds and feel we don’t have the time, patience or motivation to add significant exercise or gym to our schedule that would make the necessary different.


There is a fitness method that could be the ideal solution for many people in situations like this, where time is limited, but the desire to see results I there..


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a training method that works more effectively to build muscle, tone bodies and improve general fitness levels.


During a session you would wear a t-shirt and leggings made of a special, thin fabric and then over that a belt like devise over your upper arms, thighs, around the buttocks and a waistcoat, that are all soaked in water and then attached to the EMS machine.


The EMS machine sends electrical pulses to your muscles while you are simulating various exercise routines, but without nay equipment.


By being very targeted and reaching all muscle groups, EMS is a more efficient workout than a regular gym session and aims to give faster results, allowing for less time needed in the gym. 


There are a number of specialist studios, centres and gyms in Dubai offering EMS training, one of them being my30minutes


During a session at my30minutes, a personal trainer will work you through a 20 minute non stop intensive workout, where electrical pulses are sent in burst of around 7 seconds to your muscles, then a break for 7 seconds before another burst again. The exercises can vary from muscle building to fat burning, tailored depending on what your aims and objectives are. The electrical pulses continue for 20 minutes non-stop followed at the end by a cool down session.


In our next article, we will explain in a bit more detail one of the sessions, the exercises and movements involved and the muscles worked.


my30minutes has locations throughout Dubai In Jumeirah 1, Mirdiff and Downtown.


To find out more and book a session call 04-3855353 or email them at

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