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farmbox is proudly the UAE’s freshest online food store. Dedicated to delivering only the best quality produce at great prices, shop online with and have your healthy groceries delivered to your doorstep free! With a huge range of organic, locally produced and healthy foods, choose between a once-off box, or go for a recurring delivery for added convenience!

Boston Green
Grown in the UAE, this butter lettuce is loved for its superior taste and texture.
Dhs 6.50 Each

Red Seedless Grapes
Sweet seedless grapes bursting with flavor, ideal for a healthy on-the-go snack!
Dhs 4.65 per 500g

Hass Avocado
Creamy quality avocados at the peak of ripeness, these famous Mexican avos are on special now!
Dhs 6 Each

Cherry Tomatoes
Sweet and juicy, stock up on these delicious tomatoes for salads, sauces and sandwiches.
Dhs 5.75 for 250g

Organic Honey
Natural, organic honey sourced from India, rich in antioxidants and luxurious in taste.
Dhs 26.25 for 400g

Fyffes Bananas
A household must-have, life’s too short to eat bruised bananas, so get yours from farmbox.
Dhs 6.15 per kg

Ready-Made Mixed Box
A selection of the finest fruit and vegetables available, chosen just for you!
From Dhs 89 per Box

Koita Organic Almond Milk
A healthy alternative to dairy for vegans, the lactose intolerant and those who simply love almond milk!
Dhs 16.75 per Litre

A family favorite for a good reason, these juicy strawberries are high in nutrients and taste.
Dhs 10.75 for 250g

Organic Chia Seeds
A sustainable source of energy, this organic superfood is a must-have for the health-conscious.
Dhs 25.90 for 500g

Organic Eggs
A healthy source of protein, these fresh organic eggs come from happy hens.
Dhs 22.35 for 10

Ready-Made Fruit Box
A mixed selection of the freshest fruits in season, picked and packed for you at the height of ripeness.
From Dhs 119 per Box

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