Three Great Yoga Poses To Stretch Lower Back Pain Away

We're all likely to feel pain in the lower back at some point in our lives. It can come from sitting down at a desk for long hours or being on our feet round the clock, office work and a sedentary lifestyle can really put pressure on our backs. And after all this strain, it's natural for us to want to lay down and relax, but that probably isn't the best remedy for your spine.

We've selected three great yoga poses which you can practice in the comfort of your bedroom, before lights-out. They're simple stretches that carry minimal risk of aggravating existing injuries.

Knee Hugs

This pose is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is grab your knees with your hands and try to pull them closer to your chest. It doesn't matter if your knees don't touch the chest, as long as you are trying to bring them as close as possible, you're opening up your back and should be able to relieve some of the pain.

Gentle Bridge

This stretch can help with releasing lower back tension. In this pose, you will not feel much stretching happening in the target area. It's designed to stretch your hamstrings which are connected to your lower back. If you have strong hamstrings, you will release pressure from the lower back as well strengthen it.

Child Pose

This is a great stretching pose to open up the spine and lower back. It takes pressure off from the lower back by aligning and elongating the spine and gives you an overall good back stretch. It is a resting pose and one should stay in it anywhere from 20-30 seconds.

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