REVIEW: Anti-Dandruff Scalp Treatment At Tips and Toes

Blame it on dust or heat, dandruff is a persistent foe for many of us. And it's often perceived to be connected with hair fall, something we'd do almost anything to avoid.

If after having tried thousands of shampoos, you still struggle with the problem, we recently tried out a treatment which we are please to report, had positive results.

Tips and Toes, a luxury salon with several locations around Dubai. They're offer a range of beauty services including a great scalp treatment which not only claims to get rid of dandruff but also leave you with soft, shiny, strong hair.

We headed down to The Springs Souk branch to review the treatment and see if it really is as magical as we've heard.

As we arrived at the salon, we could see it was quite busy for a weekday. We reported to the reception to confirm our appointment and were introduced to our stylist.

Asiya was confident in her art, and took us to the hair room where she carefully examined the condition of our locks and folicles and we filled in the consultation form. She started off the treatment by preparing the scalp, with a deep wash and application of the initial mask.

Step one included applying a Kerastase Le Masquargil clay to cleanse the scalp, this treatment was followed by three deep washes with Kerastase Specifique Bain Anti-Pelliculaire shampoo. After the most blissfully intensive hair cleaning we'd probably ever had, the Karastese Le Mauseque Hydra-Apasant mask was applied to the hair and scalp.

The treatment takes about one hour to finish and Asiya is well-trained in her craft.

The results for us were great. Not only did we get rid of dandruff, but our hair really did develop a lush shine. We also took up their optional extra home treatment package. Apply twice a week for a month to extend the fantastic results.

Treatment Cost in Salon Dhs 350

Call  04-4227446.

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