Why A Kcal Extra Meal Plan Could Be Exactly What You’re Looking For

A letter from us to you…

A multitude of healthy eating blogs, fitness Instagram accounts and gym membership emails forcing you to think about diets, food prep, clean eating and getting beach body ready can become tiresome and just plain annoying- we know, we’ve done the research and it’s why we started in the first place.

You want to lose weight naturally, in a healthy way, with convenience, at your own pace, at a good price and still enjoy food that tastes good- the Kcal Extra meal plans do just that.

We help you, we guide you and we celebrate with you to achieve exactly what you want, and we will be there for you 100% of the way.

We have eight calorie-controlled plans to choose from including gluten free and diabetic, a special ‘New Mums’ plan and options for those looking to gain muscle or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everything is customised to your likes, dislikes, favourite foods and allergies, and delivered daily to your front door.

Don’t start your fad diet, don’t start a diet at all! We want to show you how easy it is to become who you want to be- visit www.kcalextra.com. We’re looking forward to meeting you.


Phone: 800-EXTRA (39872)
Email: info@kcalextra.com
Website: www.kcalextra.com

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