Day In The Life: Dr Wissam Adada

One of the main goals for medical professionals is patient care, by tending to their needs and issues, be it from treating life-threatening diseases to helping boost a person's confidence through aesthetic treatments.

Dr Wissam Adada, Founder and Managing Director at Proto Clinic Medical in Dubai Healthcare City, has been in the medical industry for over 25 years, specialising in aesthetic medicine, dermatologic surgery, laser and hair restoration. 

As each person's symptoms vary, Dr Wissam Adada focuses on treating the root cause of the problem, rather than just the issues faced, by creating specialised plans for each of his patients. 

Dr Wissam Adada aims to continue bringing innovative solutions to the medical industry, through new cures and techniques, as well as helping patients find confidence and happiness in their lives.

In this feature, Dr Wissam Adada shares with Connector how he begins his day to have a productive time at work, to one of his most challenging cases.

How does the day begin before heading to work?

I start my day at 5.30am and follow a routine that nurtures both my mind and body. I begin my mornings with prayer and meditation, setting a positive tone for the day ahead, followed by a cup of coffee and a long walk covering around 10 to 12 kilometres. I have always ensured to incorporate physical exercise as part of my daily routine, as I find that it not only cultivates clarity but also helps with overall well-being.

What was the most difficult case you have had to treat?

Amongst the numerous cases I have encountered in my medical journey as a hair transplant expert, one particularly challenging scenario stands out, where a lady was affected by lupus on her scalp. The visible scar and hair loss had taken a toll on her self-esteem and required an approach that would not just treat her medically, but also help her recover from her emotional trauma. Such cases require meticulous investigation and innovative approaches, and through a combination of lab work, stability assessments, and a series of treatments, we achieved a breakthrough which required minimal grafts. After six months, when we saw visible results, the patient's joy and newfound confidence illuminated the room and that motivation determined us to pursue this technique with other patients.

What motivates you to keep coming back to work?

My commitment to my profession has been driven by the challenges that I have resolved over the years. As a medical professional, I strive to provide unparalleled quality healthcare. The idea of being able to contribute to a person's well-being fuels my motivation to embrace these challenges head-on. This quest for excellence has always driven me to delve into the latest research and innovative solutions that I can use in my practice, and this has led me to learn deeply about stem cell therapy. This multi-purpose cellular therapy lies within the realm of regenerative medicine, and holds the potential for addressing current and future medical needs in different areas of care.

How did you find your niche in the medical field?

My journey to discovering my niche in medicine was a mixture of curiosity and insight. It was the underexplored territory of stem cells that really intrigued me, and this passion led me to unravel the clinical applications of stem cells. My focus on these innovative therapies stems from my fascination with bridging the gap between scientific potential and practical solutions. The idea of being able to use these natural healing cells from our body for treatments such as hair loss, became my distinctive calling.

After a busy workday, what do you like to do to unwind?

My favourite way to unwind after a workday is to spend time with my children. A cherished connection with my family has always been a priority, whether it is sharing stories, engaging in games, or simply enjoying each other's company, helps me relax and refuel for the next day.

What are some of your dreams and aspirations with your career?

My ambitions involve pioneering breakthroughs that transcend conventional expectations, and I intend to do this through thorough research and application of regenerative medicine. I envision that someday we will develop and use cutting-edge cellular therapies that redefine patient care. The overarching goal is to consistently exceed patient expectations, delivering outcomes that are not only medically significant, but also life-enhancing.

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