Manage Stress At This Wellness Workshop

Mental health, when not taken care of, can lead to several issues, including stress, burnout, emotional fatigue and post-traumatic stress disorder that can affect a person's quality of life in the long run.

Natalie Hore, an accredited life coach and Founder of Breathes Wellness, has been helping individuals and families to move on from their traumatic events, after having experienced them herself.

Wanting to make a difference in her own well-being, Natalie went on her own journey to deal with stress in a better way and now helps others with overcoming this challenge through in-person and online workshops as well as one-on-one sessions.

On 14 May, Natalie will host a workshop at Open Circle Yoga, Khalidya Palace Rayhaan Hotel by Rotana, Abu Dhabi.

During the event, Natalie will use 13 different modes of healing, including meditation, mindfulness, breathing, journaling, muscle relaxation, movement, laughter, self-care, sunshine, socialising, gratitude, change and sleep, to heal and combat negative emotions.

Participants can learn how to use meditation, breathing and mindfulness, as well as yin yoga and sound immersion, to increase self-confidence, boost happiness and find inner peace.

The workshop will help those joining to get in touch with the body and leave the class with tools on how to regulate the nervous system, lower stress levels and improve moods.

Visitors can also get personalised information with wellness plans to help them on their self-improvement journey.

Natalie said, "Stress, burnout and past trauma can affect anyone of any age but, in my experience, women aged between 30 and 60 are most likely to seek help when they find themselves at an emotional crossroads. Living in the UAE can bring its own specific emotional challenges caused by pregnancy without the usual support network, being away from family and high-pressure, fast-paced work environments. In addition, today’s digital world has a big effect on our personal lives and wellbeing, no matter where we live or work."

Prices start at Dhs 150 and are available on the Open Circle Yoga website.

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