Roobaru: One Stop For Heavenly Indian Dining

Are you craving delicious Indian food? 

Then Roobaru will definitely not disappoint you with their selection of mouthwatering food.

Located on Burj Khalifa Boulevard, the restaurant serves diners a range of dishes that take inspiration from India's rich dining heritage and put a modern spin to a wide range of appetisers, main course and desserts.

Chai lovers can enjoy while sipping on tea at a dedicated Chai Room and choose from a wide variety of drinks including chaat to go, bubble tea, chai and boba.

Known for being a country with diverse and vibrant cultures, each dish will take you on a journey all over India.

To make the ordering process all the more easier, the menu has been divided into vegetarian, meat and seafood dining options.

For appetisers, the restaurant gives a delicious taste of all the dining choices to come with Aslam's chicken, bang bang gobi, amchi thecha wings, Baggu's seekh kebabs, manga ceviche and more.

The bang bang gobi is a must-try and if you can handle your spice, then amchi thecha wings are the way to go. 

Comfort food is the name of the game with the main course and diners can choose from a wide variety ranging from malai broccoli, pumpkin curry, paneer makhani and more for the vegetarian options as well as Mysore lamb shank, butter chicken, lamb chops, Konkan prawn curry, and more.

The perfect meal cannot come to an end without dessert and Roobaru desserts are perfect for people with a sweet tooth.

Delight in options including Roobaru cassata, chom chom, gondhuraj lemon and more.

Must-try desserts are the decadent chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream is a great choice for all chocolate lovers and the panna cotta payasam is a unique dish that is not overly sweet, making it a great choice for all.

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