REVIEW: Doors Freestyle Grill At Al Seef

Probably not for vegetarians, Doors Freestyle Grill is the ideal spot for carnivores. Located in one of the city’s oldest backdrops, the Dubai Creek, the restaurant adopts the traditional ideals of Turkish dining. Predominantly revolving around meat, Doors Freestyle Grill has upped the ante on presentation. Complete with fire, hot stone cooking and trolleys of food brought to your table, the dining experience becomes dinner and a show in seconds.

We started our meal with a pomegranate salad which was drizzled in balsamic vinegar and topped with goat's cheese, creating an infusion of sweet, salty and tanginess. But the main courses are definitely the main event, we decided to go all-out and get Thor’s Hammer Steak. If it’s good enough for the God of Thunder, then it’s definitely alright with us! The meat is genuinely unlike any other, cooked to perfection and seasoned in front of you very own eyes, you can have as much control over your meal as you like, though, it’s best to trust the professionals - they know exactly what they are doing!

You can’t go to Doors Freestyle Grill without mentioning the interior. The 12,000 sqft area seats up to 400 people and exudes opulence in a perfect marriage of modernity and regality. Gold adorns almost every inch of the restaurant, making you feel like you’re dining somewhere in-between the Ottoman Empire and a sci-fi novel. The restaurant’s interiors as well as the views, make for a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

The most stand-out element of Doors Freestyle Grill is the staff. As the menu can be somewhat elusive to non-Turkish diners, it’s very important to have servers on hand to explain the items in more detail. Not only do the staff understand the menu to a fine art, complete with recommendations according to exactly what you enjoy in a meal, but they also understand the concept of the restaurant. And what is the concept? Traditional Turkish dining - great flavours, great atmosphere and never leave hungry. Call 050-7000375.

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